Sheetfed scanner

The sheetfed scanner: the scanner for everyone

Like the portable scanner, the sheetfeed scanner is an easy solution, especially for scanning a classmate’s document at the end of a lesson. In this way, the DYS child will have the whole lesson and can read it at home. They will also have been able to listen to the lesson and retain the information as well as possible.

Unlike the portable scanner, the sheetfeed scanner is perfectly suited to dyspraxic children.

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The sheetfeed scanner: how it works

Our sheetfeed scanners are “swallowing” scanners. This means that you insert a sheet of paper into the scanner and it automatically scans it while swallowing it.

Handling is quick and easy. It just takes a few seconds to scan a page. It can be used at school and at home. It is small enough to fit easily into a school bag or backpack.

Depending on the model chosen, the scanner may or may not be standalone. In this case, you don’t need a computer. Your child can scan a document, the scanner stores it in memory, and you can then download the document to a PC/Mac when your child gets home.

The sheetfeed scanner comes with software (Readiris) that will convert all scanned digital documents into editable text, e-reader and audio files. You will therefore be able to listen to the scanned documents.

Sheetfeed Scanner – IRIScan Express
Sheetfeed scanner – IRIScan Executive

The sheetfeed scanner operates directly connected via USB to a Windows PC.

Sheetfeed scanners: comparison

 IRIScan Express 4IRIScan Executive 4
Scanner speed (PPM: Pages Per Minute)8 PPM8 PPM
Battery-powered or USBUSBUSB
Scan documents without a PC connectionNoNo
Supports duplex scanningOne-sidedDuplex
OCR and PDF softwareReadiris Pro 16Readiris Corporate 16
Resolution (DPI)300/600300/600
Sending the scan in real time to a pre-defined software package (Readiris, Sprint Plus, etc.)YesYes

The sheetfeed scanner: a daily aid

Do you want to see what the IRIScan Express 4 can do? Discover it on video!

– Testimonials –

“I specialise in helping young people with ‘dys’ challenges to use computers. I’ve tried several brands, and now I am sure of my choice when advising parents: IRIScan Express 4. It is a lightweight, discreet, quiet, fast and user-friendly scanner. Everyone is happy with it, and working “like the others” in class is now possible. Thank you, Iris, for your commitment to these often forgotten students.”

Speech therapist, Tournai

“IRIScan portable scanners make it easy to scan, store, organise, and share documents. The children who take them to school find them easy to carry and handle.”

La Lanterne, multidisciplinary pediatric center.