Digital highlighter

The pen reader: the magic pen for DYS

The IRISPen Air 7 is very useful for those who have difficulty reading, particularly dyslexic students.

Many dyslexic children rely primarily on deciphering to understand text, which significantly affects their reading speed.

Teachers also sometimes still hand out photocopies, mostly for testing purposes. Reading instructions is a difficult task for the dyslexic child. A scanner pen is therefore a great help.

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The pen reader: how it works

Pen reader

You can use the IRISPen Air 7 like a highlighter: slide it along any line of text to digitize it immediately! The scanned text is then editable.

In addition, the text-to-speech function reads the scanned text out loud. However, in order not to disturb classmates, the use of headphones is recommended.

The IRISPen Air 7 is also very useful for language learning. The scanned text can be translated into multiple languages. The ability to adjust the speed of pronunciation is also a major advantage.

The pen reader is PC/Mac and smartphone compatible. It does not operate as a standalone device. To use it, you must have your computer or PC with you.

The reader pen: a daily help

  • The IRISPen Air 7 is a scanning pen that lets you scan lines of text
    • of instructions,
    • of exercise titles,
    • of vocabulary, etc.
  • Once connected to your smartphone or PC, it transcribes the text, reads it aloud and translates it into different languages. (More than 40 languages)
  • The reader pen can be used by both right- and left-handed people. You only need to adjust one setting when you first use it.
  • Because of its small size, it can be easily stored in a pencil case.
  • It has a battery life of 4 hours and can be charged via the USB cable that comes in the box. If the child forgets to turn off the scanner, it will automatically go to sleep after 12 minutes.

– Testimonial –

“I bought an IRISPen because my son has just started second year and has
problems with reading. This product is very helpful
when he reads: with the text-to-speech feature,
he can listen to an audio clip that demonstrates how to pronounce any
word he finds difficult. This also helps with foreign
language courses, where there are even bigger difficulties: each
line of text is translated instantaneously! This product is a
real educational tool, and I recommend it.”