Mouse scanner

The mouse scanner: a must-have for the digital school bag

In an ideal world, we would all like to have all our classroom materials on a USB stick. In everyday life, this is obviously not always possible. DYS children can then quickly find themselves with a lot of loose sheets and face an organizational problem.

With the mouse scanner in their school bag, the child can scan these sheets directly. The ease of transfer is unrivaled thanks to the features of this scanner.

It is easy to use, even for dyspraxic children. They can go over the same spot several times and the movement does not need to be very precise. Any child who knows how to use a normal mouse will be able to use the mouse scanner without any problems.

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The mouse scanner: how it works

The mouse scanner; a mouse and a scanner at the same time.

Its advantage: it scans directly to your computer. Simply place the mouse on the document you wish to scan, press the button to scan, and sweep the mouse over your document. The result appears directly on your screen!

After scanning a document, simply drag and drop it into Word, Excel, Outlook, or any other word processing application. Your scans will be instantly transcribed, ready for editing.

The mouse scanner is available in three versions. Depending on the version, it is wired or not (Wifi version) and PC/Mac compatible. However, the Wifi version is slightly bigger and bulkier than a normal mouse. This model may be more difficult for a child to use. We therefore recommend the IRIScan Mouse 2 (PC) or the IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 (PC/Mac).

The Facebook page “Helping my DYS child” has tested the mouse scanner for you! Result in pictures.

The mouse scanner: a daily help

  • The IRIScan Mouse is convenient and small. The child can slip it into their school bag without worrying about weight or space.
  • The mouse scanner is almost identical to a normal mouse and is very easy to learn to use.
  • It scans instantaneously. If your child has a PC/Mac in the classroom, they will be able to scan any document, and they can adjust the font size and line spacing.
  • The scanned documents can be saved as PDFs and can also be imported into software of your choice!
  • Scan a diagram, a map, or another image, and the DYS child can caption or color it in OneNote for example…
  • An A4 mat is available from to make it easier for your child to stabilize the sheet of paper they need to scan.
  • Teachers can use the mouse scanner to scan a document in class in just a few seconds if they didn’t have the time to prepare it earlier.