Portable scaner

The portable scanner: for greater independence

A dyslexic/dysorthographic child has difficulties with note-taking. The dys child finds it very hard to multi-task: listening to the teacher and taking notes at the same time.

The portable scanner is an easy way to scan your classmate’s document at the end of the lesson. In this way, the dyslexic child will have the whole lesson available to read at home. They will also have been able to listen to the lesson and retain the information as well as possible.

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Portable scanner: how it works

The IRIScan Book 5 is a book scanner that lets you scan any document, assignment, lesson, book, etc. without detaching pages.

It can be used in the library, at school, at home… It is small enough to fit easily into a school bag or backpack. A hard carrying case is also available to protect it from impacts.

No need for a computer: your child can scan a document and the portable scanner stores it in memory. You can then download the document to PC/Mac when your child gets home.

The IRIScan Book 5 makes no noise, so there is no risk of disturbing the class. It’s so fast that it scans a page in just a few seconds.

The portable scanner also comes with software (Readiris) that will turn all scanned digital documents into editable text, e-reader and audio files. You will therefore be able to listen to the scanned documents.

The portable scanner has a battery life of 100 pages. It can be charged via USB.

The portable scanner: a daily help

  • The IRIScan Book 5 is easy to slip into a school bag, to scan documents or friends’ notebooks.
  • It helps to prevent anxiety in class, so the child can focus on the lesson rather than on note-taking.
  • It is easy to use, but can be difficult to get used to at first. Caution: the portable scanner is difficult for people with dyspraxia to use. For those customers, we recommend our portable sheetfeed scanner: the IRIScan Anywhere or the IRIScan Express.

– Testimonial –

“I am an occupational therapist in private practice and I use the IRIScan Book with my patients. The IRIScan Book is easy to use in the classroom or at home for homework. It is quick and easy to connect, and with the IRIScan Direct, it’s even easier to handle the scanner. I highly recommend this portable scanner, and I look forward to testing the IRIScan Mouse.”

Occupational Therapist, Nord-Pas-de-Calais